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We are a team of Product Developers, Designers, and software engineers who are passionate about solving complex problems.  Whether it be workflow redesign or smart contract creation, our process is geared towards coming up with solutions that help you breakthrough your challenges


Antti ForsellCEO
Antti has been apart of several product-centric organizations leading a variety of teams over the last decade. He is rapidly expanding Lean having just moved the company to San Francisco
Noah AronChief Product Officer
Noah recently joined Lean from One Legal where he ran Product and engineering. His unique way of thinking helped One Legal become one of the top electronic filing companies in the US. Previously, Noah started Trovali which was acquired in 2013. His expertise as a product and marketing leader have helped dozens of companies improve their products over the last decade. He is an advisor to numerous companies and incubators.

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Why do we need to keep testing? I think I know what the customer wants

Always Testing Assumptions

t is so easy to follow the herd when we see an opportunity, but our inclination is to to go the other way

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Time is a precious resource and product roadmaps are getting more ambitious.  Unfortunately, its not always easy to scale up a team and ensure they can deliver on short notice. Thats where its nice to have a trusted team that is always on call

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